Sunday Service

Join us on Sunday morning, (10:30 to 13:00) for family worship. Free entrance, parking and refreshments. Biblical Teaching, Lively Worship, Praying for the sick and needy. Worship Meeting Place: Raynham Way Community Centre
66 Eaton Green 

Kids Club (Sunday School)

Sunday School is a very important part of our church ministry. We have three Kids Club teachers who carefully plan the programme for each Sunday. It's a mix of bible stories, singing and handicrafts.


Our worship team includes two front singers, a drummer, an electric guitarist as well as an acoustic and classical guitarist. We still need a bass guitarist and a keyboard player. Why do we worship?: To glorify God - God created us to worship Him - To demonstrate our love to Jesus Christ - God reveals Himself in worship - To prepare the congregation for the sermon. Every Friday the worship team meets to rehears the songs for the Sunday service.

Prayer and Bible Reading

Every Tuesday (19:30-21:30) (except the last Tuesday of each month) we come together in our homes to read and reflect upon certain passages of the Bible. At the moment we are studying the book of Philippians. It is vital for Christians to grow in faith through a biblical understanding. The meetings start with some worship songs and finish with prayers (specific prayer requests).

Ladies Meeting

The Ladies of our church come together once a month to pray and praise the Lord. All ladies who are born again are welcome to join as part of the group and others who are seeking the Lord and want to know more are also welcome to visit.


Luton International Church meets every Saturday outside BHS in the town centre of Luton with the exception of the last Saturday in the month (or depending on the weather). We encourage more people to join us as it is our way of reaching out to the community with the Word of God. From time to time we preach the Word on the streets. We know that the Lord has commissioned us to Go and Tell the Gospel and we know also that we have to sow the seed and that after seed time comes harvest!

Prayer and Fasting

Every last Friday of the month we come to the Lord with Prayer and Fasting....By this alone Jesus says, we can overcome troubles at work and in other areas of our lives.